Warranty procedure

All MacDev markers carry a 12 month warranty against manufacturing defects. Please retain your proof of purchase, as this warranty begins from the date of purchase on a brand new marker.

This flow chart shows the process of identifying and routing warranty claims.

Warranty policy

Your marker warranty covers manufacturing defects. This is something on the marker which was not manufactured correctly. It does not cover consumable items, or those damaged by misadventure. Examples of consumables are:
bolt tips
Regulator seats

If warranty is sucessfully claimed, the product may be repaired or replaced under the discretion of MacDev tech support.

Spare parts policy

MacDev continues to manufacture spare parts for 5 years after the last new marker is manufactured. This does not mean spare parts are not available, MacDev warehouses any spare parts still available for purchase, but do not guarantee the availability of spares after the 5 years has passed.