GT2 support

If your GT2 marker is not functioning as expected, please check this page first, before you contact technical support. It may be caused by something simple, which you can fix yourself, helping you to get onto the field faster.

My marker does not turn on.

Make sure the battery is charged, and that your charger or power outlet is working. There is a small visual red LED near the charge cable that should be lit during charging (inside the grip), if you cannot see this light, try another cable or outlet.

My first shot is too high over the chrono

If your gun seems to build to a high show when you let it sit for a little while, you probably have a slow leak in your regulator. To rectify this, follow these simple steps:

1. Degas your marker completely – MAKE SURE IT IS FULLY DEGASSED.
2. Remove the left hand side of your wrap around grip so that you can access the regulator screw.
3. Unscrew the regulator and remove it from the gun. Use a spanner and allen key to split the regulator in half.
4. Inspect and reverse the seat. Inspect the piston face for damage. Replace either of these items if they are damaged.
5. Replace and re-chrono your gun

Leaking down the barrel

A leak that seems to be coming down the barrel from your drive, is usually caused by the #14 o-ring on the firing valve. Please change this for a new one, and it should solve your problem.

Using too much air

If your gun is using more air than you expect, please verify that there is not a leak in your gun or air system. You should be able to hear a leak if you take the gun someplace quiet. Most leaks are caused by failed o-rings or loose ASAs etc.

If you are sure there is no leak, replace and regrease the #17 o-rings on the valve, they control your air efficiency.

Check to be sure your gun has a reasonable paint to barrel match. If your paint is too loose in the barrel, you will waste air during the shot.


Digital Manual

Download your digital manual here (click image).

Maintenance tips

– Clean off and replace old grease occasionally. Dirty grease will wear out your gun seals and parts.
– Use MacDev Militia Lube for best results.
– Replace your detents and bolt tip if they get out of shape.
– Charge your battery before any day of play.

Software updates

Find the latest software update (if you need it on the software updates page.