Drone 2 support

If your Drone 2 marker is not functioning as expected, please check this page first, before you contact technical support. It may be caused by something simple, which you can fix yourself, helping you to get onto the field faster.

Drone 2 shoots well in single shot, but velocity falls away shooting a string

This is usually caused by an over tightened back cap or over tightened drive. Please be sure not to tighten your back cap too much, it should be tightened only until you feel it hit the drive, do not continue to tighten further, this may crush your drive.

If your back cap has been over tightened, undo the back cap, and remove the drive. Unscrew the two halves, and screw them back together, tighten them together just enough that they do not come loose by themselves.
Slide your drive back in and replace the back cap screwing it in only until you feel it hit the drive. Do not continue to tighten. If this doesn’t not solve your problem, please contact your local tech or customer support.

Drone 2 does not shoot, when I pull the trigger, the bolt doesn’t really move, or shoots weakly

This is usually caused by a worn or dry #19 inside the keg. If you remove the drive, change this o-ring, and relube with Militia Lube, you will be up and running in no time. You will find it easier to use a non scratching tool to remove this o-ring, like a household wooden toothpick. Don’t use something that can scratch or damage your keg.

If changing the #19 o-ring does not help, please try a fresh battery.

Another cause may the the dwell setting on your gun, please make sure it is set to 10ms or above. In very cold weather (below 10C or 50F), don’t be afraid to increase your dwell to 14ms.

Drone 2 does not shoot, and makes no noise at all

Please check these things:
– The air is turned on
– Your gun has a fresh battery, and the battery meter reads full
– The trigger is pressing the microswitch on the board
– press and hold the trigger for two seconds, this should force a shot. If the gun fires, then it means your eyes need cleaning.

When I shoot a string of paint, the gun seems to shoot down (lower velocity)

This is usually caused by a dry drivetrain. Please clean the old grease from your drive, and re-grease it with Militia Lube – paying attention to the keg inner o-rings and bolt.

My first shot is too high over the chrono

If your gun seems to build to a high shot when you let it sit for a little while, you probably have a slow leak in your regulator. To rectify this, follow these simple steps:

1. Degas your marker completely – MAKE SURE IT IS FULLY DEGASSED.
2. Remove the left hand side of your wrap around grip so that you can access the regulator screw.
3. Unscrew the regulator and remove it from the gun. Use a spanner and allen key to split the regulator in half.
4. Inspect and reverse the seat. Inspect the piston face for damage. Replace either of these items if they are damaged.
5. Replace and re-chrono your gun.

My first shot is weak, then the gun fires with more power

Please check these things:
1. The battery is fresh
2. The dwell is set to at least 10ms
3. The drive is clean and greased

Drone 2 not turning on

If your Drone 2 does not power on at all, then your problem must be in the electronic system. Please try these things:
1. Replace your battery with a new one.
2. Check that your battery connector is fully plugged in (both to the battery and board), and is not broken.
3. Check that the on/off button on the back of your board is being pressed.
4. Check that your board is not wet or damaged.

Drone 2 leaking down the barrel

A leak that seems to be coming down the barrel from your drive, is usually caused by the #14 o-ring on the valve. Please change this for a new one, and it should solve your problem.

Drone 2 using too much air

If your Drone is using more air than you expect, please verify that there is not a leak in your gun or air system. You should be able to hear a leak if you take the gun someplace quiet. Most leaks are caused by failed o-rings or loose ASAs etc.

If there is no external leak, please check that your dwell is set to around 10ms. If it is set very high, your Drone will use a lot of air.

Check to be sure your gun has a reasonable paint to barrel match. If your paint is too loose in the barrel, you will waste air during the shot.

How do I know if my battery is OK?

Watch the display when you turn the Drone on. If it immediately goes to a solid colour, your battery is OK. If it flashes yellow a few times before going a solid colour, your battery is dead and should be changed. A low battery will make your gun shoot poorly, or not at all.


Drone 2 Exploded view

Click on the drawing to see a full list of parts and part numbers. If you talk to a MacDev tech, you can use the unique part number to identify the part exactly. You will also find that part numbers are an easy way to search the MacDev store for spare parts.

Maintenance tips
– Never overtighten the drive parts or your back cap, it may cause damage to the delrin drive.
– Clean off and replace old grease occasionally. Dirty grease will wear out your gun seals and parts.
– Use MacDev Militia Lube for best results.
– Replace your detents if they get out of shape.
– Replace your battery before an important tournament – to ensure your gun is running at its best!