The Clone GT is one of the most successful MacDev markers ever, and 2022 is its 10 year anniversary. Our engineers have taken the best designs and ideas from the original GT and given it a modern makeover. A rechargeable battery, tool-less eye covers and modern ASA / feed attachements lend a modern feel to the more classic trigger shape and solid aluminium foregrip.


GT drive

The GT drive remains one of the most revolutionary spool style drives ever made. The drive was designed and built during the height of the paintball arms race, this explains the smooth and effortless power it possesses. The drive uses a revolutionary independent shutoff valve and tip of bolt firing valve, all leading to a very smooth, quiet, accurate shot.

The solid aluminium front grip can be swapped out for a rubberised Prime XTS grip – if you like, same goes for the trigger shapes unique to the Prime and XDR markers. This gives you a good choice for customising your gun and making it your own.

A blend of new and old

Sometimes old school is great, sometimes it needs an update. We took that approach with the GT2, updating the things that needed it, and polishing up and dusting off the things that made the platform great. Here are the key features:

  • A re-imagined classic GT drive
  • GT inspired bodywork
  • GT inspired solid Aluminium front grip
  • Lensed eyes
  • Rechargeable battery system
  • Tool-less eye covers
  • Lever ASA
  • Thumb adjust feed system
  • Shift 3 insert barrel system with two inserts
  • High resolution OLED display