NEW! The new 2021 Militia Lube has been reformulated into a 100% synthetic grease. It has all the same coating and washout properties, but FRICTION HAS BEEN CUT BY MORE THAN 52%. Your gun will now be smoother than ever before.

MacDev have been making pneumatic products for over 40 years. When it came to paintball guns, we could not find a standard grease ideal for paintball – so our chemical engineers have developed our own.  

Militia lube has:

Outstanding temperature performance (-70oC to 205oC, or -94F to 401F)
Proprietary low friction components – giving a slicker performance than standard greases
Proprietary coating components – ensuring that grease stays in place longer
Anti corrosion and anti water washout components – to protect your gun parts  

In short, Militia lube will not freeze, will protect your gun on the inside, and will increase performance, while ensuring you do not need to apply lube as often. Pick up a tube today, to make sure you get the most out of your paintball gun.