We wanted a superior barrel for our pro teams, a barrel to give them the edge on the field. It turns out the Shift 3 barrel was so good, people noticed. Now you can buy the barrel for yourself – in single barrels, or in a kit. Shift 3 barrels are crafted rather than just made, so order early to avoid missing out, or waiting for production to catch up.

Air doesn’t like corners

All Shift 3 ports are angled at 45 degrees.

Angled ports mean less noise of air squeezing around corners, which means quieter and more efficient relief of air before and after the ball. The end result is a quieter, more accurate and air efficient shot.

Locked and loaded.

The Shift 3 insert is locked in by the back and the tip – making the system as solid as a 2 piece with the flexibility of a 3 piece design. The extra large 8 inch accelerator is available in 5 sizes, so if you have the full kit, you are truly ready for anything.

Sizes are:
689, 685, 681, 677, 675

More than just another barrel

The Shift 3 has other little touches to set it aside, including changeable mini rubber grips, quick start threads and slimline milling. Extra attention has been taken to the tip inner geometry to save air usage and give a quiet shot.

Shift 2 Barrel series

The Shift 2 barrel is an all aluminium removable insert barrel system. It features inserts securely locked between the barrel halves, ensuring they never come out accidentally, and are accurately fastened, delivering ball on ball accuracy. The Shift 2 is no longer produced, but you can purchase parts for it while stocks last.

Shift 1 Barrel series

The Shift one system is an older, legacy system, made obsolete by the newer Shift 2 and 3 systems. You can still purchase components for it while stocks last.